iPhone 12 release date

iPhone 12 leaks and rumors, iPhone 12 release date, iPhone 12 design.

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The upcoming iPhone will bring a fresh new features.

My opinion : The iPhone 12 should have a huge change from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. Because in the iPhone 11 pro there is only the camera difference from the iPhone 10 and some other features and also design and display are the same.

So we are expecting from the iPhone 12 that the design and features should be very unique from it predecessor.

iPhone 12 release date and price

There is no official date given by apple of the iPhone 2020 launch but we all know that apple launch it new device around September.

iPhone release date is always launch in September second week so i am expecting that iPhone 12 will launch on September 8 or 15th September

You can grab your iPhone 12 after the 10 day of launch date.

Because of novel coronavirus issue all over the world and even in chine the production of iPhone 12 may delay and because of this the launch of iPhone 12 date will be postponed. Hope for the best that the coronavirus should endup early.

According to the price of iPhone 12 it will be around $799 for the base model and for iphone 12 pro $999 or $1099.

iPhone 12 2020 design

The iphone 12 design will have same side corner design like iphone 5 and iphone 4 a squared-edged stainless steel frame, between two pieces of glass. The iPhone 12 squared-edged stainless steel frame will replace the current iphone 11 pro rounded stainless steel frame and the new iphone 12 will continue to use front and black glass for the body of the iPhone 12 2020.

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